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Visitor to Canada Insurance

Who needs Visitor to Canada Insurance

Visitor to Canada insurance is available for visiting family, relatives, friends, landed immigrants or returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage, and for individuals in Canada on a work or student visa.

Why buy Visitors to Canada Insurance

Travel worry free by covering for emergency medical expenses that may arise during your vacation.

Protect your trip in case your trip gets cancelled, delayed or interrupted for reasons outside of your control.

Get emergency medical assistance without any stress anytime.

Protection against the loss, theft or delay of your baggage.

Be transported to an appropriate facility if ill or injured while traveling away from home.

Coverage for accidental death & dismemberment.

Why buy insurance from a Canadian insurance company?

Simple, Canadian insurance companies have established and recurring relationships with all Canadian medical providers. Thus, not only is the recognition of your coverage immediate, the reimbursement process is much quicker. This is due to the direct billing process between both parties. It is recommended that you purchase an insurance plan prior to entering Canada. This is recommended to circumvent a delay of the initialization of coverage ranging from 48 hours to 8 days after purchasing. This means that if you purchase insurance upon arrival in Canada and a medical emergency arises within that window, your coverage may not be available and you will have to pay expenses out of pocket.