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Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance

Insurance is designed to protect your financial security and should be a key part of your overall financial plan. Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, you or your beneficiaries receive a cash benefit if you suffer a disability, become ill or die.

Why You Need it

Everyone from all stages and walks of life needs life insurance. If you have liabilities and dependents or if you are seeking to build a legacy or a nest egg, life insurance is right for you.

The type of life insurance you choose or the combination of life policies and other insurance products vary greatly. You can be sure that the mix you and your broker design, will provide maximum protection with maximum returns.

To find our more about the right balance of life insurance products, choose the descriptor that best defines you. To learn more about potential financial needs for each profile, you can read about life insurance basics here.

Launching your career
Getting established
Broadening your horizons
Achieved financial security
Accomplished entrepreneur or business owner
Uncovering your financial needs and tailoring an insurance solution to them can be confusing and complicated. A life insurance expert can answer many of your questions and help you to define your goals.


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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers high, short-term protection at the lowest cost for a set period of time. It's an affordable option, suited to young families on a tight budget or to homebuyers holding a large mortgage.
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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance protects you throughout your lifetime together with a tax-advantaged savings element. It provides a death benefit and a cash surrender value.
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Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance provides both permanent life insurance and a tax-advantaged investment component. The increasing cash value of your universal life policy can increase your death benefits or help pay for the cost of your policy.